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Our UK ID Cards are available for all UK residents and are issued in three age categories: '18+' for adults, '16-17' for young people over 16, and 'Under 16' for children.


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We offer two products for all age categories – the UK ID Card and the Yoti CitizenCard, a new digital ID solution. The Yoti CitizenCard can be used to create your identity on the free Yoti mobile app. You can select which type of UK ID Card you require during the application process.

Discover the Convenience of Obtaining Your UK ID Card Online

Are you in need of a UK ID card but want to avoid the hassle of traditional application methods? Look no further than our paperless, online application system, designed to streamline the process and save you time and money. Whether you’re a UK resident seeking proof of age or identity, our real or fake UK ID cards are available for individuals of all age categories, including adults, young people over 16, and children.

In addition to our standard UK ID card, we also offer the Yoti CitizenCard, a cutting-edge digital ID solution that can be used in conjunction with the free Yoti mobile app. This innovative approach to identification provides you with flexibility and convenience, allowing you to select the type of UK ID card that best suits your needs during the application process.

The benefits of obtaining a UK ID card extend to various aspects of daily life, from purchasing age-restricted items and applying for employment to accessing housing services and claiming benefits. With our CitizenCard, you can confidently prove your age and identity in a wide range of situations.

Applying for your first UK ID card is a straightforward process, with options for standard or urgent applications to accommodate your specific timeline. Additionally, if you are already a cardholder and find yourself in need of a replacement due to loss, damage, or changes in personal information, our efficient replacement application process ensures a seamless transition.

To initiate the online application process, simply follow these steps:
1. Start the online application process by clicking the “Apply for your first UK ID Card” button.
2. Create your account or log in to your CitizenCard online account.
3. Complete a new, online application for a UK ID card and make a payment.
4. Choose a verification route, either through a digital check or by providing a referee for identity confirmation.
5. Upload your photo and any required documents.
6. Verify your identity through photo ID validation or by contacting your referee.
7. Receive your photo ID card by post.

For those in need of expedited service, our urgent application option ensures prompt delivery of your UK ID card. Additionally, it’s important to adhere to our photo requirements when uploading your photo and to follow specific guidelines if a referee is necessary for your application.

Don’t let the absence of traditional identification documents deter you from obtaining a UK ID card. Our online application system provides a seamless solution, offering convenience and efficiency for individuals in need of a reliable form of identification. Whether you require a real or fake UK ID card, our streamlined process ensures a smooth and secure experience.


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